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"A new rubric on leadership"

– The Evening Standard

"A punchy, plainly written guide, offering a readable and enlightened view of what leaders do and how they should do it"

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No Bullsh*t Leadership is a proven programme that can transform your business and the ambitions and capabilities of your talent. Get in touch to discuss how we can build a programme that will transform your teams, your organisation and help your people fulfil their potential.  

The world needs more, better leaders and that leader is you…

No Bullsh*t Leadership is the antidote to regular training programmes. We believe that the vast majority of leaders are not CEOs, generals or presidents, that you don’t have to have spent thousands of pounds at an expensive business school to understand what leadership is, and that there is no such thing as a ‘leadership type’. All leaders are people just like you.

Over the past decade I’ve been responsible for over a hundred different companies on every continent. In each case, if they faced challenges, when you peeled away the layers, the problem and the solution was always the same: leadership.

I want to make you think afresh about what leadership is, and what it isn’t. Most of all this programme is how to get stuff done, and if you’re like me, you have no time, short attention and want it straight, no bullshit.

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To lead you must be able to achieve effective results, in changing environments, against unpredictable forces with imperfect information. If this is how you feel we can't wait to meet you.


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