The greatest and most damaging fallacy that surrounds the subject of leadership is that it is some exalted state – a secret knowledge available only to a chosen few. I believe everyone has the potential to lead and in reality many hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, already do. 

I wrote No Bullsh*t Leadership to transform our understanding of what leadership is and how to do it well.

I’m absolutely thrilled that since the book was launched I’ve had the opportunity to cut through the bullshit with leaders from all backgrounds on the No Bullsh*t Leadership podcast. And a team of us have worked tirelessly to develop the No Bullsh*t Leadership Training Programme for trainers and individuals alike. 

This short film gives you a flavour or what No Bullsh*t Leadership is all about and where it all started.  Thank you for watching.

– Chris Hirst, founder and author No Bullsh*t Leadership